Cristiano Ronaldo Said: I Won’t Return to a European Club, Saudi Pro League is Better than MLS


In recent news, the legendary football player Cristiano Ronaldo made a surprising statement about his future career.

He announced that he will not return to a European club and instead expressed his interest in playing in the Saudi Pro League, stating that it is better than Major League Soccer (MLS).

Ronaldo Statement About Future:

Cristiano Ronaldo addressed the media following his participation in the opening half of Al Nassr’s preseason match against LaLiga team Celta Vigo in his home country of Portugal.

The game resulted in a 5-0 defeat for Al Nassr.

Ronaldo unequivocally stated that he has no intentions of returning to European football, firmly closing the door on any possibility.

At 38 years old, he believes that European football has experienced a significant decline in quality, leaving only one league as a worthy contender—the Premier League, which surpasses all others by a wide margin.

Expressing his thoughts on different leagues, Ronaldo expressed his belief that the Spanish league lacks the exceptional quality he seeks.

While acknowledging the Portuguese league as a good one, he does not consider it to be at the very top echelon.

Similarly, Ronaldo believes that the German league has also witnessed a decline in quality. Consequently,

He confidently states that he will not grace the European football stage again, expressing his desire to play in Saudi Arabia instead.

Comparing the Saudi Pro League and MLS:

When comparing the Saudi Pro League and MLS, it is important to note that both leagues have their own unique characteristics.

In the coming year, Saudi Arabia will witness an influx of top-tier players,” affirmed the esteemed Portuguese athlete.

Within this timeframe, the Saudi league will surpass both the Turkish and Dutch leagues in prominence.

The players who have recently joined are not what the President of the European Union portrayed them to be.

Jota and Neves, for instance, are both promising young talents.

In my opinion, the Saudi league outshines the MLS.

I can confidently assert that I have no intention of returning to any European club. By venturing into the Saudi league, I have paved the way for others, and now we see a continuous stream of players flocking here.

Cristiano further emphasized, Wherever Cristiano goes, it inevitably sparks immense interest, and I foresaw this outcome.

Undoubtedly, more prominent stars will choose to join Saudi Arabia in the upcoming season.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s announcement that he won’t return to a European club and believes that the Saudi Pro League is superior to MLS has taken the footballing world by storm.

While his decision may raise eyebrows, it is a testament to the increasing influence and appeal of the Saudi Pro League

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